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Walter Broner

  Broner Architecture is a new firm built on foundations of successful history of delivering exceptional results by its Principal, Walter Broner.

  To take care of our clients' planning and design needs, we deploy a powerful synergistic combination of old-fashioned values, unabashed enthusiasm and effective communications.

  We are proud to be able to provide attentive, multi-faceted services, often using innovative analytical and presentation tools.

  Broner Architecture is ready and capable of delivering actionable results, whether they'd be a strategic plan, a high-technology building design or a detailed laboratory program.

  In addition to our primary focus on Science & Technology design, we also offer general architectural services for a variety of building types and full range of project sizes.

  We thrive on challenging commissions, as these bring out the greatest creativity and enthusiasm from our staff.

We have currently suspended (but not abandoned) work on a functional (beta) Broner Programming Laboratory, next generation web-based and interactive programming tool.
About Us

  Broner Architecture is a consultancy offering a full slate of strategic planning, space and detailed programming and design services, specializing in Science & Technology design.

  The Principal of the firm, Walter Broner, is a consummate professional with over 30 years of rich and varied experience in the field.

  Unlike many architects who have had exposure only to few aspects of the professional practice, Walter Broner has been involved in key roles in every essential part of delivering comprehensive architectural and planning services.

  He has successfully pursued and won new projects: managed teams of architects, designers and engineers; written specifications; assembled sets of contract documents; detailed complex building assemblies; created presentation materials by hand and electronically; created custom spreadsheet and database solutions, and much, much more.

  This website is an example of Walter Broner's versatility. He has conceived and executed all of the website's coding and graphics design and preparation work.

  In the fall of 2011 we have started up a more interactive portion of our website, called Commons. We hope to fill it with valuable content as time goes by.

Our process

  Our approach to every project is based on honest Communications, intensive Collaboration and mutual Respect with regards to our Clients and Consultants.

  To ensure this process bears fruit, we deal forthrightly and up-front with the difficult issues of Fee, Scope of Work and expected Deliverables.

  We also work hard to tailor our services to the actual needs of our Clients.  These services and their deliverables don't always have to be circumscribed by conventional or traditional descriptions or expectations.

  We endeavor to get to the root of the problem each of our clients is trying to solve.  We understand that the solution may not solely involve an actual building design or existing space reconfiguration.

  We therefore view each project as an opportunity for our Client to reimagine and reinvent "what is" into "what could be".

  Because of our extensive experience, we are able to offer a full range of planning and architectural services.

  For Science and Technology Projects they include, but are not limited to:

  For other types of projects, no matter what size, a custom set of services can be tailored to meet the Client's needs.

  We are open to collaborative partnering with other firms, as may be appropriate.
Project Highlights

  These galleries of images showcase projects to which Walter Broner had made significant contributions while collaborating with other talented designers.

  They were undertaken during his tenure as a key team member at the firms he was employed at, prior to inaugurating Broner Architecture.

  Specific images have been selected because they offer a representative sampling of the range of our experience - gained helping to conceive and execute high-quality projects. Included are examples of both "in process" tools and completed buildings. To find out more about Walter Broner's project contributions click to download current resume .

  Projects displayed fall into several categories. Click on a button to view representatitve projects images.  Some student work, from a long time ago, is included as well.

(Hold the cursor over the image to pause the slide show)

Walter Broner has published several technical articles containing ideas and information helpful in design of vivaria. Unfortunately they are no longer available on-line.

He has also created many custom spreadsheets, including this one:

Metric-Imperial Dimensions Conversion tool

This simple spreadsheet file makes short work of dealing with dimensions and areas on Metric System (SI)projects (when your head is still thinking imperial).
Useful Links
NIH Design Manual (also check for a more recent edition)
BMBL 6th Edition
The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Ed.
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