Broner Programming Laboratory (BPL) is a web-based interactive and collaborative tool designed to fully engage Users, Administrators and Designers in the process of programming Science & Technology Teaching and Research, as well as Healthcare Education projects.


BPL is designed to allow for easy and fun experience of gathering and updating of Project information. As the information is collected and organized, BPL reporting capabilities allow viewing (and printing) of a variety of Programming Reports. Because BPL is web-based, it does not require purchase of any additional software for any of its Users. It can be accessed from anywhere, at any time with any of the popular web browsers.


BPL uses MySQL, the world's most trusted and used open-source relational database management system, for organizing each Project's data into useful information.


Project Reports can not only be viewed on-line, but can be downloaded in several ubiquitous formats. It should be noted however that most of a report's style and appearance formatting is lost during export to commonly used word-processing and spreadsheet file types. After all, they are not intended to handle database reporting.


Entry to the Project Data is controlled by the BPL administrator by assigning custom defined and delimited access permissions to each authorized User. Thus some Users may be allowed to avail themselves of all of the features of BPL, including data input, while others may be granted permissions only to view and download Project Reports.

Working with BPL

Forms (Input)
The first set of forms that need to be filled out concern basic Project information.

Reports (Output)